Panic The California Municipal Bonds

It is hard to give a definite reason why people suffer from panic attacks. Many suffer from panic attacks and each person experiences different symptoms from time to time. What people need to realize is that when an attack is about to happen it is the body’s normal reaction to a threatening situation and as a result it sends the body into a “flight or fight” mode. At times you feel as if you are going to die or you are going to faint, however this is not the case.

Some people also feel a tingling or numbness on their face or scalp. This deadness can also spread around your panic attack symptoms eyes to your cheeks all the way down to your jaw. Often people confuse these symptoms with something else, which often leads to more anxiety! The simplest way to get rid of these symptoms is to massage your neck and shoulders.

Keep a relaxing CD handy. Close your eyes and focus on the music. If possible, recline your seat and relax your entire body. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly.

With these programmes you can learn the right techniques that suit your particular anxiety disorder and most importantly you will not end up developing side effects that can make your anxiety disorder far worse than it already is.

If you are with people you feel comfortable with, let them know that you are having a panic attack. They can offer their support and help to calm you down, by reminding you that it is just a panic attack and everything is OK. Having someone there that can lovingly talk you through an attack is invaluable.

Panic can come on suddenly, and you experience the fight or flight response. Your body reacts in panic mode, as if you are being chased by an angry lion, and you must run for your life. We don’t normally have angry lions running after us, but our responses in sudden panic are as though we are running for our lives. Our heart rate increases, it feels like our heart might beat right out of our chest. In a state of panic, our breathing increases, our hearing becomes more alert, we jump at the least little sound, the hairs on your body stand up like antennae, and we are aware of the tiniest air currents brushing against our skin.

Medication: Based on the level of panic attacks, the child may be prescribed low strength tranquilizers. Antidepressants may also be prescribed as they help adjusting the cause that may lead to panic attack.

I was seeing a psychologist at the time, and happened to mention, quite inadvertently, the violin lesson incident to her. I say inadvertently because I have always been in the habit of minimizing negative events in my life. I typically don’t lend much credence to my own emotional health, having grown to believe that if I ‘prayed more’, ‘tried harder’ and ‘controlled myself’ that these incidents would not occur. I take a great deal of responsibility and unilaterally blame my own failings when a problem occurs.

These symptoms are very intense and leave the person with an overwhelming sense that they are dying. It is very important to reassure the person and help them take control of the symptoms. In some cases people can anticipate an attack. This can be helpful in controlling the symptoms before they take hold.


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