Kieren Perkins Reveals Panic Attack That Almost Cost Him Olympic Swimming Glory At Atlanta 1996 – Yahoo!7

Your head is spinning. Your heart is pounding in your chest and soon a deep sense of dread spreads through your limbs. Your head screams at you to do something, anything. In my case, it wants me to leave whatever situation I am in. It doesn’t matter where I am at the time. Usually, I’m trapped. You can’t abandon a group of friends without a word, or run out of the supermarket. So, you try to act as if everything is normal while you feel sick.
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Anxiety affects people whether they’re about to walk out of their home or up onto a stage in front of 100’s of people. Countless programs show people how to cope, however Barry McDonagh wanted to stop anxiety and panic attacks altogether. Having suffered for years, Barry found the key to ending constant anxiety was to no longer fear the thought of having a panic attack. Barry found success and soon after Panic Away was created by him in 2001 to help fellow sufferers. Since then Panic Away has helped over 70,000 people end their panic attacks and anxiety. At the core of Panic Away is a technique called the 21-7 Techniquea. This technique teaches people how to stop a panic attack in 21 seconds and reduce general anxiety in less than 7 minutes a hence the name 21-7 Technique.
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