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The Germans werent even ready to mount an attack on the front of the French positions never mind circumnavigate them and wouldnt be able so for another seven hours. But the damage was done. The line collapsed, and with it France. This morning the Labour Party is about to embark upon its own Tank Panic. Or rather, its Ukip Panic. The local election votes are still being counted . The Euro election ballots wont begin to be counted for another two days.
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Coplan explains: “While excessive worry is generally seen as a negative trait and high intelligence as a positive one, worry may cause our species to avoid dangerous situations, regardless of how remote a possibility they may be…In essence, worry may make people ‘take no chances,’ and such people may have higher survival rates. Thus, like intelligence, worry may confer a benefit upon the species.” The results of the study are complicated. In the control group, high IQ was actually correlated with lower anxiety. However, in those whose anxiety was severe enough that they were diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), high IQ was positively correlated with greater anxiety. “Previous studies have indicated that excessive worry tends to exist both in people with higher intelligence and lower intelligence, and less so in people of moderate intelligence. It has been hypothesized that people with lower intelligence suffer more anxiety because they achieve less success in life”(SUNY Downstate Medical Center, 2012).
Source: Anxiety linked to high IQ, study finds – St. Petersburg Mental Health |

Anxiety linked to high IQ, study finds – St. Petersburg Mental Health |

Dr. Goldsmith says, Careys case is very common. We see women with lots of anxiety disorders, panic disorder, generalize anxiety disorder. Lots of women want to have children. And, unfortunately, lots of women have psychiatric illnesses that need to be treated.” It’s a balancing game. Carey says, I want other women to know that having an anxiety disorder doesn’t mean that you can’t have a baby, that you can’t be a great mom, and you can’t be successful at it.” Deacon is now seven months old, and healthy.
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