How Anxiety Influences Your Health (infographic)

In addition to panic attacks, a person with panic disorder also endures ongoing worry and fear of having additional panic attacks. This anxiety can lead to avoidance of panic-inducing situations. What are the symptoms of panic disorder? The most significant symptoms of this disorder are the symptoms of panic attack – and the fear of those attacks. Panic attack symptoms are similar to our body’s normal responses to dangers and threats, like increased heart rate, sweating, or shortness of breath. But in panic attacks, there is no actual threat to justify the response. Learn more about common panic attack symptoms . What are the causes and risk factors of panic disorder?
Source: Panic disorder – Mental Health – C-Health

According to research conducted by the University of Sao Paulo , there could also be a link between anxiety, asthma and its effects on balance. Your brain. The most prominent reaction to anxiety is the psychological response to the condition. Chronic stress and anxiety can affect areas of the brain that influence long-term memory, short-term memory and chemical production, which can result in an imbalance. Additionally, chronic stress can constantly activate the nervous system which can in turn influence other systems in the body, triggering physical reactions, wear-and-tear on the body, fatigue and more. People who suffer from anxiety also often have trouble falling asleep due to ruminating over worrisome thoughts. Approximately 54 percent of people say stress and anxiety influences their ability to drift off and more than 50 percent of men and more than 40 percent of women have trouble focusing the next day as a result , according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Your immune system.
Source: How Anxiety Influences Your Health (INFOGRAPHIC)

Living with anxiety is hard, but there are coping mechanisms | Comment is free |

Trying to get help isn’t easy. However, if my experiences sound familiar, do talk to your GP. If you don’t ask for help, you will be dealing with it on your own so you might as well create some light at the end of the tunnel. Anxiety is not something you can snap out of. Face the fear is well-meant advice, but when it’s time to bite the bullet you can be filled with such terror that backing out seems like the only logical option. If you are lucky, you’ll have understanding people around you. However, the disorder can alienate friends and family. I cannot enjoy the things others enjoy, and over time the invitations stopped coming.
Source: Living with anxiety is hard, but there are coping mechanisms | Comment is free |


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