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The fact that so few people with GAD receive treatment suggests that many are self-medicating. While there is a high rate of comorbidity (GAD and substance abuse occurring together) typically the GAD was present before the addiction. There is very little evidence of GAD being induced by substance abuse. Typically those suffering from GAD and other anxiety disorders have low self-esteem, which is a factor in substance abuse. There is a high level among GAD sufferers to abuse prescription drugs. Many build up a tolerance to some of the drugs they have been given to treat the physical symptoms, leading them to visit multiple doctors for prescriptions. GAD sufferers are also cautioned to avoid caffeine and some over-the-counter cold medications can exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Treatment GAD can be difficult to diagnose, because it is the symptoms, such as sleeplessness or headache, that cause someone to seek medical attention.
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