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You’ve got to be kidding. Job interview? I feel like I’m either going to leg it, or throw up all over the interview panel. All this shows, and it does not make a good impression. My anxiety disorder is a “gift” from the person who raped me and tried to take my life, combined with a (separate) abusive relationship. It is thought that genetics can play a role if you have a close relative with generalised anxiety disorder , it is five times more likely that you, too, will experience anxiety at some point.
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A cause of panic disorder has not been conclusively proven, though genetics may affect your risk. Women and those in their 20s or 30s may be at higher risk, but panic disorder can happen to anyone at any age and can come out of nowhere or following a traumatic or stressful life event. How is panic disorder diagnosed? If you’re worried that you might have panic disorder, talk to your doctor about the symptoms you’ve experienced. Since feelings of panic and anxiety can accompany other conditions and illnesses, your doctor will likely perform a thorough examination to rule out other possible causes. You are more likely to be diagnosed with panic disorder if you: have recurrent, sudden panic attacks worry about having more attacks and what will happen if you do change your behaviour and habits because of panic attacks How can panic disorder be treated? Your treatment goal for panic disorder should be to function better on a daily basis and reduce the occurrence of your symptoms. A treatment plan for panic disorder may include cognitive-behavioural therapy, medications, or a combination of therapy and medications.
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