Opinion: Ex-cnn Reporter: My Struggle With Panic Attacks – Cnn.com

An aftershock, if you will? Absolutely. It sure can. Now, because of that SNL skit, I call these post-panic aftershocks panic-anic attacks. Sure, Ive altered the meaning slightly, but so what? I enjoy concocting new ways to describe my panic symptoms.
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I volunteered for the assignment. It was an important case. James Terry Roach was 17 when he committed the crime — borderline mentally disabled, with a degenerative brain disorder. Authorities had every reason to commute his sentence. Former President Jimmy Carter and Mother Teresa sent in pleas on his behalf — but to no avail. On the morning of the 10th, Roach was strapped into the electric chair and the switch thrown. His body slammed into the back of the chair and instantly tensed up. For one solid minute, electricity coursed through his body.
Read More: Opinion: Ex-CNN reporter: My struggle with panic attacks – CNN.com


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