Panic Attack Humor: ‘my Panic Attack Is Having A Panic Attack’ | Panic About Anxiety — A Blog About Panic Attacks, Panic Disorder, And Anxiety.

These panic signals, in combination with changes in your heart and breathing rates, can lead to symptoms of headache, dizziness or light-headedness. These symptoms of a severe panic attack can cause you to feel unstable when you attempt to stand or walk and can occur in conjunction with abnormal muscle trembling or shaking. Stomach Upset If you are having a severe panic attack, you can experience symptoms of stomach upset. These symptoms can include nausea or abdominal cramping and may be accompanied by a sensation of dryness or tightness within your mouth or throat, which can cause difficulty swallowing. Mood or Behavioral Changes You also may experience a number of mood or behavioral changes. You can feel irrationally anxious or may fear for your physical safety, despite the lack of any immediate danger. A severe panic attack can cause you to experience a sense of doom or detachment from your surroundings.
Source: What Are the Symptoms of a Severe Panic Attack? | LIVESTRONG.COM

So, a few hours after an attack, if our bodies are still experiencing the lingering effects of panic hormones, might that help to trigger a secondary attack? An aftershock, if you will? Absolutely. It sure can. Now, because of that SNL skit, I call these post-panic aftershocks panic-anic attacks. Sure, Ive altered the meaning slightly, but so what? I enjoy concocting new ways to describe my panic symptoms. So, when my panic attacks produce secondary panic attacks, I: recognize them for what they are a secondary aftershock type of panic attack think of the silly phrase panic-anic attack that describes them think of Penelope tugging her hair and creepily popping in via the nearest door laugh, or at least crack a smile while I try to let the attack pass I find a lot of therapeutic value in humor. But Penelope finds even more therapeutic value in humor, Im sure.
More: Panic Attack Humor: ‘My Panic Attack is Having a Panic Attack’ | Panic About Anxiety — A blog about panic attacks, panic disorder, and anxiety.


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