Girl Overcomes Crippling Shyness With Hypnosis To Become Lingerie Model | Mail Online

The second focused on one clients journey through treatment for her panic attacks. Knowing that many people are affected by panic attacks, I suspected these articles might connect with people. However, I was surprised and touched by the number of responses I received. The primary need of those who contacted me was for advice on how to stop panic attacks. So in response, this article focuses on four key techniques that will help sufferers to stop their panic attacks: 1) Recognise your feelings of panic early on by becoming more aware of your feelings of anxiety, you can take action before you have a full-blown panic attack. Enquire into your feelings by asking: What are my feelings telling me about what I might be needing right now? Then take action to give yourself what you are needing. This could be to go for a walk, relax, or doing the 7/11 breathing technique described below.
Source: Evening Echo — HOW TO STOP A PANIC ATTACK

‘I entered into a beauty contest when I was seven and loved it. But as I grew up I didn’t have the confidence to think about doing it properly,’ she said. ‘I would constantly worry that I wasn’t good enough and be paranoid about what people would think of me. I was very unconfident and shy, and just couldn’t deal with unfamiliar situations. ‘It got to the stage where I was constantly crying, not sleeping and eating and finding myself unable to breathe.’ Hannah worked as a visual merchandisers for a jewellery company and had to travel for up to a week at a time to different stores across the UK. The model says she can now pursue her dream career thanks to having hypnosis She said: ‘I’d worry about the entire journey from getting on the train, travelling to an unfamiliar place, having to hold leadership over staff and stores I didn’t feel comfortable in, before proceeding on these journeys I would cry for days in advance and struggled to sleep. ‘The more I had to travel, the more my panic escalated, I even broke down in tears a few times when I was away and whilst I was on the shop floor, when a panic attack hit, I’d struggle to breathe and felt like I was losing control of my own feelings and mind.’ Her anxiety was so bad, she began getting in trouble at work when she would call in sick or make excuses not to go, and eventually her bosses agreed she wouldn’t have to travel.
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