Horse’s Panic Attacks May Force Him Out Of Belmont Stakes – Hartford Pets |

The recurrent panic attacks can be so disabling that those affected may be afraid to leave their home in case they have an attack in a public place . Agoraphobia is a fairly common complication in this situation. Others develop other phobias – avoiding certain objects or situations that they fear may trigger another attack. Getty – Handbag They may, quite incorrectly, associate some circumstance surrounding their first attack with causing it, for example, if their first attack occurred in a train , they may develop a phobia about getting on trains. The effects of panic disorder can range from mild social inconvenience to a total inability to face the outside world. In severe cases, the self-imposed restrictions can lead to depression , alcohol or substance abuse , and even, in rare cases, suicide. How to treat panic disorder The most effective treatment is psychotherapy , in particular, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). This can help people to identify possible triggers for their attacks (such as a life crisis ), and can help them to realise they may have misunderstood the triggers and so be restricting themselves unnecessarily.
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Panic attacks a reality?

Instead, owner Ron Sanchez is considering entering him in the 7-furlong Woody Stephens Stakes, which begins on the backstretch, away from the crowd, or even wait for the Haskell at Monmouth on July 27th. Concern for the colts mental state came while he was being schooled at the gate yesterday morning when he began to get overly nervous and sweaty, behavior that greatly disturbed Sanchez,and 85-year old trainer Manny Azpurua despite the fact that they have seen him get this way before, including at the Preakness where he became extremely lathered up and nearly flipped under jockey Luis Contreras* after being loaded in the gate. Yet, despite the panic attack at Pimlico, he held on to come in third 6-1/2 lengths behind California Chrome after pressuring him to make his move an eight of a mile sooner than jockey Victor Espinoza would have liked. Although considered to be one of the fastest 3-years this year, having clocked 3 furlongs in just 38.48 seconds the other day, a workout time rarely approached by thoroughbreds, Sanchez is not willing to risk his colts safety or well-being, and stated that if he is unable to settle down in the gate within the next couple of tries he would be forced to forgo the Belmont. And even if he failed to make the decision himself, it was noted that the Stewards could rule against his being allowed to compete in the race. *Contreras has since been replaced as Social Inclusions rider by Irad Ortiz Jr.
Source: Horse’s panic attacks may force him out of Belmont Stakes – Hartford Pets |

S From reading comments and some additional info, I’m fairly certain I had a panic attack yesterday. Most of the advice online on how to cope with them relies on the thought that these panicked thoughts, feelings and beliefs are not real or at least not currently happening. My problem is that I think my thoughts, feelings and beliefs are true. Or I, at least, feel that they are real. The only change from yesterday is the lack of an assault on my brain (I think it’s actually starting to come back right now… I can feel it. The only option that appears is to live feeling this overwhelming pain every moment. Typing that, I know it isn’t true so I mean that it’s difficult to tolerate these feelings for a long time, which seems to be the only option.
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