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It works on the sympathetic nervous system as you inhale and on the parasympathetic nervous system as you exhale, relaxing your mind and body. The 7/11 breathing technique Practice this technique whilst sat and with your feet firmly placed on the ground and place your hands lightly on your belly. Close your eyes or look down at a focused point on the ground. Breathe in through your nose for two counts, then breathe out through your nose for two counts. Repeat this a few times. Lengthen and deepen your breath then by breathing into your belly for five counts, then exhaling for nine counts.
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Then you’re dealing with a full-blown panic attack. What are the symptoms of panic attack? The symptoms similar to anxiety symptoms , but are much more intense and overwhelming. They include: Racing heartbeat Shaking A feeling that you’re about to die They occur suddenly, with no warning, and can even start while you are asleep . They usually pass within a few minutes, but can recur over a period of several hours. What is panic disorder?
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Panic attacks a reality?

My problem is that I think my thoughts, feelings and beliefs are true. Or I, at least, feel that they are real. The only change from yesterday is the lack of an assault on my brain (I think it’s actually starting to come back right now… I can feel it. The only option that appears is to live feeling this overwhelming pain every moment. Typing that, I know it isn’t true so I mean that it’s difficult to tolerate these feelings for a long time, which seems to be the only option.
Source: Panic attacks a reality?


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