Ddos Attacks: No Need To Panic [itweb]

Remind yourself that the attack will end, and it won’t kill you or cause you to faint. Carbonell said that understanding the physiology of fainting and reminding yourself of it is important. People faint when their blood pressure drops. A panic attack can make you feel like you’re going to faint, but you won’t because your blood pressure doesn’t drop during an attack. Remind yourself out loud of truths like these to counter your fears. Return To The Present Although your gut response might be leave the stressful situation immediately, dont. “Let your anxiety level come down,” advised Carmin.
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Passionflower (Passiflora Incarnata) helps with anxiety but must not be used in conjunction with sedatives unless under medical supervision. Valerian is usually suggested for insomnia, and again shouldnt be taken with many medications, especially those that depress the central nervous system, such as sedatives and antihistamines. Dont combine it with alcohol, or use before or after surgery, or if you have liver disease. Other herbs that have been found useful are chamomile, hops, oats, borage and lavender. Bach Flower remedies for anxiety are also popular and perhaps the most useful is Rescue Remedy which can be applied directly to the tongue for immediate relief or put into a bottle of water to sip throughout the day. 3. Simple dietary measures to cut the anxiety rate include cutting out coffee and caffeine drinks such as cola as they are highly stimulating, and ensuring your blood sugar levels stay constant throughout the day.
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“Identify the malicious traffic and whether it’s generated by a known attack tool. Specific application-layer attacks can be mitigated on a case-by-case basis with distinct countermeasures, which may be provided by your existing solutions.” If the attack becomes public, notes Walshaw, prepare a statement and notify internal staff. If industry policies allow it, be forthright and admit you’re being attacked. If not, cite technical challenges and advise staff to direct all inquiries to the PR manager. “With the growth of the Internet and the fast-developing digital era that we’re entering, the DDoS threat has never been greater. As the threats increase, and as more sophisticated attacks take place, it’s important to increase awareness and understanding and put necessary steps, like these, in place to protect against them,” he concludes.
More: DDoS attacks: No need to panic [ITWeb]


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