Best Backdrop To Panic Attack?

But that’s about something I’m taking care of…. Something outside of me which is part of the current problem; not having enough inside of me to be able to keep taking care of all these creatures and people outside of me. I have a psych appt on Tuesday which is good/bad. Good because psych appointment during time of need. Bad because it involves taking my dog up to Wisconsin to stay at the place where Husband stays during the week which is a rural wasteland with a friend who is…. SO draining and exhausting to listen to that I look forward to not having to deal with her. The OTHER problem with her is that she is SO SWEET that being mad at her also involves guilt at feeling that way. So I don’t know what to do.
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An anxiety or panic attack can last for several minutes to several hours. Certain anxiety disorder symptoms can be felt every moment of every day. Positive anxiety or stress, called eustress, also exists. It frequently is referred to as having butterflies. I refer to the anxiety that is not a positive experience as the ugly butterflies. Many research-based therapeutic techniques exist for treating the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and mindfulness therapy are among the effective approaches that mental health professionals might use to work with an anxious person. Here are some steps that you can begin incorporating today to regain control over symptoms of anxiety: Become aware. Educate yourself about your anxiety. What are your triggers thoughts, people, objects, food, places?
More: The Ugly Butterflies: Managing Anxiety Better | Psych Central


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