Day Two?: Panic Grips Karachi After Firing Dubbed An ‘attack’ – The Express Tribune

Try to feel relaxed and composed. Know the Facts Most often your anxiety is due to thoughts and ideas that are not exactly real, and this is why you need to ask yourself questions. You have to seek the facts, and work your mind in believing and understanding them. You are not experiencing any uncanny feeling out of the blue, that is not happening, and you have to understand this. Ask yourself to stop thinking such nonsense and come to terms with the fact that you suffer from anxiety attacks. If the fear is real, then well, you should take help instead of panicking and feeling anxious.
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After the GHQ attack in October 2009 , the army detained Brigadier Ali Khan, an officer who had been serving at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, for his alleged ties to an extremist organisation. Similarly, in June 2011, defence officials informed a parliamentary committee that insiders were involved in PNS Base Mehran attack in Karachi. Three Pakistan navy officers were court-martialled and sentenced in the case, while three low-ranked PAF officials were formally arrested in connection with the August 16, 2012 attack on Minhas Airbase at Kamra. Keeping this in mind, the ASF and other agencies have started tracking staffers cell phones and movement. While the inquiry into the incident is in progress, intelligence agencies are keeping a close watch to sniff out the bad eggs, confirmed an ASF senior intelligence official. It is not necessary that the militants attacked the airport with internal support but we cannot rule it out just yet. On the other hand, police officials also believe that the militants carried out the attack with internal involvement. They knew the airport very well. They knew about the overall security situation.
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The Ugly Butterflies: Managing Anxiety Better | Psych Central

Therefore, less oxygen will make it to the brain or extremities, causing brain fog and cold and clammy hands. Anxiety makes you feel like your mind is in handcuffs and your body is disconnected from itself. You feel a complete loss of control, or as if you are losing your mind. This is terrifying, and often causes the individual to feel that she needs to escape or find a comfort zone to return to a less anxious state. An anxiety or panic attack can last for several minutes to several hours. Certain anxiety disorder symptoms can be felt every moment of every day. Positive anxiety or stress, called eustress, also exists. It frequently is referred to as having butterflies. I refer to the anxiety that is not a positive experience as the ugly butterflies. Many research-based therapeutic techniques exist for treating the symptoms of anxiety disorders.
Source: The Ugly Butterflies: Managing Anxiety Better | Psych Central


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