Dealing With Debilitating Anxiety Attacks That Limit Life

Literally. “My grandfather died from a heart attack,” the life coach recounted in a HuffPost Live interview on Thursday. “So whenever I would have an anxiety or panic attack, it would be heightened by that fear that I’m having that exact same thing that took someone closest from me away.” As a result, Vennie refused to travel to places without a hospital nearby and often tethered himself to the parking lots of medical facilities. “I would sleep in my car in the parking lot of a hospital after having an anxiety attack, ” he explained. “Just in case I had another one, [so as to be] in close proximity to doctors and somewhere I could get help.” Watch the clip above to see how Quentin Vennie quelled his anxiety, and watch the full HuffPost Live segment on anxiety here. More: Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day.. Facebook
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Panic Disorder and Anxiety –

Panic Disorder: Causes There may be a genetic basis to panic disorder that makes people prone to frequent panic attacks. Almost anything can trigger a panic attack. Severe, extreme fear or terror can strike at home, work, and even during sleep. Quite often, people with anxiety disorder often become so afraid of having a panic attack that they develop agoraphobia , another anxiety disorder that makes them afraid to leave their homes. Panic Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment Panic disorder is diagnosed through a full physical and psychiatric evaluation. Other health conditions and problems like substance abuse have to be ruled out before a panic disorder diagnosis can be made.
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Chaos, panic, disorder and Dr Tahirul Qadri – The Express Tribune Blog

As per court orders, it is illegal to block streets for any security reasons. At this point, supporters of the absentee leader refused to comply with police instructions. Soon enough, this little tete-a-tete turned into a full-fledged bloody conflict with eight people pronounced dead and over 80 injured . The fact that this incident took place is preposterous. Especially when the security situation in the country is so sensitive and the country is on high-alert due to the operation taking place in North Waziristan. Not only did this fiasco challenge the strength of the police, it was in complete disregard of the other residents surrounding the area and the countrys rules. Had the PAT supporters let the police do their job, the situation would not have spiralled out of control resulting in the loss of lives.
Source: Chaos, panic, disorder and Dr Tahirul Qadri – The Express Tribune Blog


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