The Ugly Butterflies: Managing Anxiety Better | Psych Central

I have a huge headache , I feel like my brain will just stop working. I don’t want to rely on pills I just want to feel myself again. Was this comment helpful? It has had a major effect on our marriage and life. He is making irresponsible decisions regarding our home and assets out of fear of death. He wants to sell everything and spend the money after 40 years of working to get to where we are. It is very difficult to cope.
Source: Patient Comments: Anxiety – Attack Experience – Viewers Share Their Medical Experiences – MedicineNet

What am I trying to tell myself? Dont push away what you are experiencing. This is your bodys natural alert system, so ask it what it wants you to know and thank it. Answering what is wrong often will bring insight and realization that nothing is immediately threatening you. If there is something that has triggered your anxiety, such as a car accident or job loss, remind yourself of the worst outcome, plan solutions, thank yourself for noticing that something wrong has happened, and allow yourself to breathe and regain control. Notice your diet. Do you drink caffeine?
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Coping with Panic Images – Panic Disorder – Anxiety

Many panic attack victims are convinced they are having a heart attack. In their imagination they see their heart struggling to cope, perhaps going into spasm or bursting under the strain of their increased heart rate. Typically we can listen to distressing news stories with relative ease, but seeing related images are much more graphic and affect us at a much deeper and more visceral level. Whether your image is one of fainting or something more extreme the fact remains these can be deeply disturbing and uncomfortable sensations. Control over the power of such images begins by unpicking and understanding what is happening. These images reflect your worst fears and while they can be extremely frightening they are not in any way real.
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