Rapids Coach Pablo Mastroeni Comes To Terms With Earlier Struggles – The Denver Post

He’s a student of the game. He stepped in, as he always does, fully committed to turning this into a positive.” Mastroeni is innovative, rotating his lineup to keep players fresh. He wants them to think about the game in ways no other coach has asked them to do. Having played like a coach on the field, he wants them to understand his principles but feel free to make their own decisions. “I’m incredibly amazed in six months by their ability to grasp this, for their brains to expand in this way,” Mastroeni said. “Coaches always say, ‘Do it this way, because I said so.’ They haven’t been responsible for tactics before, they’ve only been responsible for their technique. I’m coaching and teaching them to think as I did.” The loss of his brother, the red card at the World Cup and the dark days after his concussions all shaped him and his philosophy. “If you brush them under the rug, it will eat at you for the rest of your life,” Mastroeni said.
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How A Spam Newsletter Caused a Bank Run in Bulgaria | naked capitalism

Source: Wall Street Journal The worsening of this situation triggered the introduction of a set of emergency measures by the Central Bank and the approval by the European Commission of a 3.3 billion levs ( 1.7bn) credit line to ensure the necessary liquidity support to the banks. Sources quoted by the FT suggest that 1.3 Lev have already been raised on Monday through a special bond issue, mainly covered by foreign banks. In its press release, the Commission stressed that that Bulgarias banking system is: well capitalised and has high levels of liquidity compared to its peers in other member states. So how and why were these two banks exposed to a run? Concerning the how, the Bulgarian run is interesting because it basically shows how a bank run could look like in the tech and social networking era. Both the government and the central bank have in fact claimed that the run was ignited by a cyber attack, for which six people have already been arrested.
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Rebels flee Slovyansk as Ukrainian forces recapture key city – The Washington Post

This is not a complete victory. But the cleansing of Slovyansk from armed-to-the-teeth gangs of animals has great symbolic importance, Poroshenko said, vowing that the military would soon liberate the rest of the rebel-held territories, as well, and promising both humanitarian aid and legal amnesty to civilians in recaptured areas. 1 of 17 Skip Ad Caption Military launches air and artillery strikes against separatists after President Petro Poroshenko suspended a 10-day cease-fire that had failed to bring tranquility to the country. July 3, 2014 A woman who gave only her first name, Valentina, stands in the ruins of a neighbors apartment in Kramatorsk, a city in eastern Ukraines Donetsk region. The neighbor was injured during shelling by Ukrainian troops who resumed battling separatists after a unilateral cease-fire ended. Dmitry Lovetsky/Associated Press This is the beginning of the fight with militants for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, Poroshenko said.
More: Rebels flee Slovyansk as Ukrainian forces recapture key city – The Washington Post


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