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The pair have always shared a special bond and Kendall’s heroic actions have only strengthened their connection. “I was in bed and then, all of a sudden, I heard these weird noises, so I turned my head, and it was my Nana and she was drenched in sweat, so then I turned her over, and ran to her side and started to do CPR,” Kendall said. The fifth-grader called 911, carefully following the instructions. “I was doing chest compressions, I was counting like 1, 2, 3, 4,” Kendall said. Responding paramedics were surprised to find an 11-year-old handling the life or death emergency. “I saw their eyes like open wide,” Kendall said. Doctors say Lovato suffered a major heart attack and that the CPR saved her life. “When the paramedics got there, they had to restart her heart four times,” Kendall’s father, Art Stilwell said.
Source: 11-year-old girl saves grandmother’s life with CPR |

Accusations fly in Bulgaria’s murky bank run – Yahoo News

Still, Argentina wont have a healthy Angel Di Maria to help on the attack and with crosses, so Messi may need to be even more aggressive against the Netherlands in this matchup. Themba Hadebe/Associated Press Aggression from the opponent will be a foreign concept to Netherlands after their victory over Costa Rica. Who wins? 46.1% Total votes: 141 If Netherlands hopes to top Messi and company, they will have to take advantage of their chances much more effectively than they did in the quarterfinals. That game went into penalty shootouts tied at zero, but Netherlands possessed the ball for nearly the entire game and simply fumbled away numerous chances in front of the goal. Fortunately for their sakes, they came through against Costa Rica in the clutch in the penalties behind substitute goalie Tim Krul. However, Argentina simply wont sit back and hope for penalties and extra time like the significant underdog Costa Rica did.
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Why did the government not investigate sooner? How exactly was the feud connected to the run on Corpbank? The security authorities, the Interior Ministry, are investigating. They have some suspicions and there are some people who have been accused (of the attack on the banks), finance minister Petar Chobanov told Reuters. What is true is that there is an investigation into malpractice at Corpbank. But what is the real situation? We are waiting to see what the external auditors will say. RUMORS In the days before the Corpbank run, newspaper stories alleged misconduct by Vassilev, and his businesses. Some papers alleged Corpbank had made improper loans to certain companies linked to Vassilev, though he told Reuters those claims were lies.
Read More: Accusations fly in Bulgaria’s murky bank run – Yahoo News


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