Mariners Go Quietly, Again, In 2-0 Loss To Twins | Seattle Mariners | The News Tribune

Its the confidence level in here We know how good we are and how good were going to be. We dont panic. The Mariners (49-41) would be in postseason as the American Leagues second wild-card team if the season ended after Tuesdays games. They can, they believe, afford to shrug off small dips in performance. The Twins got the only run they needed on Sam Fulds two-out homer in the fifth. He sent a full-count fastball on a drive to right that just cleared a leaping Michael Saunders at the wall. Falling behind (in the count) was a mistake, Young said. The pitch wasnt necessarily a mistake. Thats just challenging the No.
More: Mariners go quietly, again, in 2-0 loss to Twins | Seattle Mariners | The News Tribune

The Skanner Newspaper – Israel and Hamas Launch Deadly Rocket Strikes Leaving 25 dead

Six Jewish Israelis have been arrested in the killing, and the rocket fire from Gaza has increased in recent days. The fighting raged throughout the day. In its fiercest attack, an airstrike flattened the home of a Hamas militant in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis, reducing the concrete structure into a smoldering pile of rubble. Panicked residents fled, shouting “God is great.” Some had bloody faces, and crying mothers held small children as they ran away. Screaming Palestinians took away motionless bodies. Palestinian medical officials said six people, including two children, were killed. Israel’s military said it had called the home shortly before the airstrike to warn civilians to leave, something it has done in past fighting as well.
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Grimes launches first attack ad in U.S. Senate race – WDRB 41 Louisville News

Mitch McConnell of voting to increase out-of-pocket Medicare costs. But the McConnell campaign says Grimes is pushing the panic button and trying to scare seniors. Grimes’ ad features Don Disney, who says he’s a retired coal miner. In the ad, Disney is seated with Grimes in a rural setting and addresses a question to McConnell. “I want to know how you could have voted to raise my Medicare costs by $6,000? How are my wife and I supposed to afford that?” There is a long silence before Grimes leans over and tells Disney, “I don’t think he’s going to answer that.” The ad apparently refers to a procedural vote McConnell made in 2011 on an early version of a budget proposed by House Budget chairman Paul Ryan. But the Washington Post Fact Checker has termed similar claims by other Democratic candidates so out of date as to be “laughable” and called on them to “drop the repeated Medicare references.” But following a speech here in Louisville, Grimes stuck by the ad.
Read More: Grimes launches first attack ad in U.S. Senate race – WDRB 41 Louisville News


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