Reported Knife Threat Lands Dalton Man In Jail | Times Free Press

Raby followed him. The men stayed about 30 yards apart, yelling at each other, as Johns called 911. Whitfield County deputies arrived within a couple of minutes and Raby asked to see a paramedic. He said he was having a panic attack. Members of the Emergency Medical Services team examined Raby, and Raby looked at a deputy. “Just take me to jail,” he said. The sheriff’s office charged Raby with criminal trespass and aggravated assault, which carries a sentence of one to 20 years in prison.
Source: Reported knife threat lands Dalton man in jail | Times Free Press

Family, friends remember Pearl Harbor survivor who died at 93 years old | Local News – WLKY Home

LA: CRUMP IS ON GUARD DUTY ALONGSIDE THE U.S.S PENNSYLVANIA….STANDING ON A DOCK WHEN HE’S KNOCKED TO THE GROUND. LATER, HE PROUDLY TELLS FRIENDS HE IS ONE OF THE FIRST TO RETURN FIRE. 6557 jd: 4:20:16 he talked about when they were flying in, dropping bombs 6551 cw: 4:05:11 of course it was nothing but panic. all the stuff in the water and he tried to help people. It was a very traumatic situation. LA: AND CRUMP WOULD FIGHT MANY MORE BATTLES. HE WAS ALSO A KOREAN WAR AND VIETNAM VET. NOW, MARINES YOUNG AND OLD COME TO REMEMBER THAT SERVICE AND THAT MAN: 6557 jd: 4:18:08 when we say always faithful brothers for life, we mean it nat ceremony: 6551 cw: 4:07:05 he never considered himself a hero, all the other veterans were heros.
More: Family, friends remember Pearl Harbor survivor who died at 93 years old | Local News – WLKY Home

Gaza families bear brunt of Israel’s ‘pinpoint strikes’ – Yahoo News

Everyone was killed.” The air strike was targeting Hafez Hamad, a local commander in the Islamic Jihad militant group, and killed him, as well as his parents, two brothers and niece. “Where were their human rights, which Israel and its backers say they defend?” said Bassam Qassem, a neighbor. “Even if he (Hamad) was a resistance fighter, does that allow them to kill his whole family? This is murder.” For their part, nervous Israeli civilians have for days had to heed warning sirens to seek shelter from Palestinian rockets, around 700 of which have lobbed from Gaza since Tuesday. They have so far caused no Israeli fatalities, but some injuries and damage. Israel disavows any responsibility for the Gaza deaths, saying Hamas stows its people and weapons among civilians and hopes to score a cheap sympathy boost from their deaths. “We are using all our attacking capabilities, not without brains, reason – not without taking into consideration that there are also civilians in Gaza. We remember that there are civilians.
Read More: Gaza families bear brunt of Israel’s ‘pinpoint strikes’ – Yahoo News


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