Gaza Family Counts Its Dead As Israelis Flee Rocket Attacks – Yahoo Finance

More from Deadliest, Rarest Form of Plague Contracted Near Denver “The whole family was sitting together in their small garden, and suddenly a rocket struck the house,” Amal said. The boys “did nothing, they were not throwing rockets on Israel, they were just enjoying a Ramadan night,” she said. “What is the fault of these two children? They are not criminals.” The six dead in the Hammad family, who were mourned by Islamic Jihad in a funeral ceremony, are among at least 100 Palestinians killed during the past week’s escalating conflict as Israel pounded the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip from the sea and air. Israel says it seeks to minimize casualties from its attacks on militants who have fired hundreds of rockets into Israel, by giving warnings to civilians to flee the vicinity of planned strikes. More from If Boehner Sues Obama, Roberts Wins Ground Invasion Israel, like the U.S. and European Union, considers Hamas a terrorist group, with Islamic Jihad in the same category. The Israeli army has massed forces at the border and politicians have hinted at a ground invasion that would probably multiply the casualties.
Read More: Gaza Family Counts Its Dead as Israelis Flee Rocket Attacks – Yahoo Finance

Mental health program offers training for early response – Laramie Boomerang Online

If youre at Walmart and somebody is having a panic attack, or say your neighbor seems to be hearing voices and you want to try to help, but you dont know how to help, you would have the training to be able to help until somebody else arrived on the scene, she said. Mental Health First Aid was developed in Australia in 2001, and its endorsed by the National Council on Behavioral Health. During an eight-hour session, participants are taught about signs of mental illness and addiction, the effect of substance abuse and mental health disorders, a five-step plan to address a situation and local resources. Participants are certified for three years after they pass an exam. The action plan includes steps such as assessing for risk of suicide or self-harm, listening without judgment, giving reassurance and information, encouraging professional support and encouraging self-help. We just want to get it out into the community so that people know that its here and they can attend it, Trefethen said. She said the program also works to bust stigmas surrounding mental illness. Throughout the course, we draw parallels between mental illness and other illnesses so that people understand it as an illness, she said.
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