Internet Security – Quicktake

Sickos are hijacking baby monitors, just to freak out parents. Has the Internet ever seemed scarier? Maybe not, but wait. Yes, elite professionals are finding ingenious ways to gain entry to government and industrial networks. And its true that careless users can expose themselves to garden-variety thieves (as some people forget to lock their cars). But in the vast middle, where people rely on the security of bank accounts, credit cards and e-mail, the good guys actually have the upper hand. Related Articles Source: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.
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EU names latest Ukraine sanctions against pro-Russia rebel leaders – Europe – Stripes

Take the emotion out of it. You look at the mistakes and say, ‘Why?’ We watch every play from last season multiple times and we review regular third down and red zone and everything,” Luck said to ESPN . That’s what it will take. Luck needs to continue to carry this offense on his shoulders and join the ranks of Tom Brady , Peyton Manning , Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees . He must be elite, not just very good, if the Colts are going to take that next step. And everything Luck has shown with his attention to detail and desire to improve makes it seem that he will be able to take a giant leap in 2014. REASON FOR OPTIMISM How good are the Colts’ receivers? Well, LaVon Brazill was just suspended for the entire 2014 season for a second violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy and this team won’t miss a beat.
Source: 2014 preview: Colts have the weapons to take the next step | FOX Sports on MSN

2014 preview: Colts have the weapons to take the next step | FOX Sports on MSN

Both formerly worked for Russian tycoons. The names were published Saturday in the EU’s Official Journal. It brought the total of people affected by the EU’s Ukraine-related sanctions to 72, as well as two companies whose EU-based assets have been ordered frozen. Also on the new list were two men identified as rebel military leaders: Nikolai Kozitsyn, commander of Cossack forces, and Alexei Mosgovy, responsible for military training. The EU Official Journal said the sanctions, agreed by EU ambassadors on Wednesday, go into effect Saturday. A Russian diplomat chided Brussels for the move. Vladimir Chizhov, the Russian envoy to the EU, said in comments carried by Interfax on Saturday that Moscow believes in bringing peace to eastern Ukraine through negotiations, and that “blacklisting opponents isn’t helping to build a dialogue with them.” Ukraine has refused to negotiate with rebels whom it describes as terrorists, although a Kiev envoy has taken part in a round table with Borodai along with representatives of Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
More: EU names latest Ukraine sanctions against pro-Russia rebel leaders – Europe – Stripes


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