Iraqi Parliament Breaks Deadlock To Elect Speaker –

LaClair sued Conmed and its nurses, alleging they failed to properly screen, treat and monitor her, leading to her death. The defendants denied the allegations. Conmed’s nurses said they believed Schwartz was having a panic attack and entrusted the sheriff’s deputies on duty that day to watch over her, according to court filings. When they asked, Schwartz denied having a drinking problem, the filings said. She also had a history of panic attacks and had recently seen a neurologist, who prescribed anti-anxiety medication, according to the court record. Sheriff Ken Stolle said his deputies did their job, frequently checking on Schwartz the morning of her death.
Read More: Settlement reached in woman’s Va. Beach jail death | |

Settlement reached in woman’s Va. Beach jail death | |

After appearing on the verge of collapse, Iraq’s security forces have stiffened while the insurgent offensive has eased, which has helped stabilize the front lines. Still, clashes and attacks still take place daily in the main conflict zones, including Tuesday in two towns located in a Sunni belt that runs just south of the capital. Two bombs in quick succession killed at least nine people in the town of Madain, some 20 kilometers (15 miles) southeast of Baghdad, officials said. The first roadside bomb targeted a military convoy as it traveled through the town at dawn, a policeman said. A second explosion then struck as pro-government militia members rushed to the scene to help those hit by the first blast. The police official said five militiamen and four soldiers were killed, while seven others were wounded. A medical official confirmed the figures. Another roadside bomb killed four soldiers, including two officers, during a patrol in the town of Youssifiyah, located 20 kilometers (15 miles) south of the capital, a police officer said.
Source: Iraqi parliament breaks deadlock to elect speaker –


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