Mich. Man Facing Multiple Charges After Allegedly Fondling Boy At Toledo Hospital – Toledo Blade

The charges were filed late Friday. According to court records, police said Mr. Elmer on Thursday entered a restroom with a 13-year-old boy, where he allegedly pulled down the boy’s pants and fondled him. Records show the boy has a mental or physical condition that would impair his ability to respond and that the defendant likely would have known this. Mr. Elmer also is charged with inducing panic for running and hiding from police in the hospital and with vandalism for later kicking out and destroying a hospital window in an attempt to flee. Police from both the hospital system and Toledo police were on scene.
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Israel to expand ground offensive in Gaza | National News – WCVB Home

Many of the wounded were struck inside their homes, the ministry said. Incoming rounds hindered ambulances from picking some of them up. One incoming shell followed another overnight in Shaja’ia, residents said, as they arrived on foot in a tide of humanity into Gaza City. They hunkered down in their homes in the dark and waited for daylight before fleeing. The shelling continued as they fled. Bodies lay in the streets under gashes blasted into apartment buildings, they said. Others arrived in bunches pressed into cars and onto donkey carts. Some stayed behind and flocked to U.N.
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Iraqi Christians flee Mosul – Mohave Daily News: News

Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi denied reports that militants had captured the base, saying government troops repelled an attack on Friday and the air field remains under government control. A resident of Tikrit, Ahmed Jassim, said by telephone that clashes were taking place around Speicher on Saturday, but the gunmen are outside the camp. The center of Tikrit is still under insurgent control, and is being shelled by the Iraqi military, he said. Meanwhile in the northern city of Sulaimaniyah, Iraqs ailing president, Jalal Talabani, returned to the country after more than 18 months abroad, state television said. Talabani is wrapping up his second consecutive term as president, and is not eligible to run again. He suffered a stroke in late 2012, and was flown to Germany shortly afterwards for treatment and rehabilitation.
Read More: Iraqi Christians flee Mosul – Mohave Daily News: News


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