Israeli Mood Turns Dark With Mounting Casualties |

Moshe Melako, 20, during his funeral at the Mount Herzel military cemetery in Jerusalem, Monday, July 21, 2014. Melako was one of 13 soldiers killed in several separate incidents in Shijaiyah on Sunday, as Israel-Hamas fighting exacted a steep price, killing scores of Palestinians and more than a dozen Israeli soldiers. In Israel, a country where military service is mandatory for most citizens, military losses are considered every bit as tragic as civilian ones. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner) News,World,Israel,Middle East,Palestinians,Gaza,Hamas Israelis take cover as a siren sounds during a rocket attack fired by Palestinian militants from… Israeli soldiers hug during the funeral of Staff Sgt. Moshe Melako, 20, at the Mount Herzel… A man checks damage to his wall after a rocket fired from Gaza landed in Ashkelon, Israel,… A woman and a girl walk past Israeli soldiers on patrol in the town of Sderot after a group of…
Source: Israeli mood turns dark with mounting casualties |

Op-ed: Why The Gay Panic Defense Must Go |

The landmark hate-crimes legislation signed by President Obama bears his name, and an entire generation of young people rallied around his memory to push for LGBT progress at a previously unimaginable speed. Despite all of that forward momentum, however, one thing remains the same: too many people still think it is acceptable to defend their violence against our community and our persons by invoking the so-called gay panic or trans panic argument that was famously employed by Matthews killers. Unfortunately, there is no law in any state of the union prohibiting the perpetrators of unspeakable violence from using this blatantly homophobic and transphobic tactic as an excuse for their actions. As newspapers across the country rightly herald the end of marriage bans, the beginning of open service by lesbian, gay, and bisexual patriots in our armed forces, and a sea change of public opinion on LGBT issues, this heinous tactic still lurks in courtrooms, garnering little attention despite its significant impact and the message it sends. In 2013 my organization, the LGBT Bar, introduced a resolution at the annual meeting of the American Bar Association, calling on states to outlaw the use of this reprehensible defense. The delegates of the ABA who represent every red and blue corner of the country and every judicial philosophy from Scalia to Ginsburg approved our resolution without dissent. Legal professionals, regardless of their ideological leanings, understand it is never acceptable to defend violence based on who a victim is. Yet only California is moving toward passing legislation outlawing this so-called defense; a bill has passed the Assembly and awaits action in the Senate. And while thats an important start, there is real violence happening to real people in the other 49 states of our union.
More: Op-ed: Why The Gay Panic Defense Must Go |


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