Durkin: Rookie Spotlight – David Fales « Cbs Chicago

Pocket awareness Fales shows a good feel for the rush in the pocket and sufficient mobility. At 6-foot-2, he has to be crafty at times when under duress to find throwing lanes. He also has the ability to keep his eyes fixed down the field and feel where the rush is coming from instead of letting his eye level drop. This is a vital skill in the NFL, as quarterbacks who panic under pressure and drop their eyes have to re-scan the field before throwing, which takes time and typically leads to negative plays. Areas for improvement Arm strength Like most rookie prospects, Fales will benefit from getting into an NFL strength and conditioning program. On several deep passes and sideline routes, he had a tendency to put too much air under the ball, which gave defensive backs more time to react and break on the ball. By putting on some weight and strength in his upper body, Fales should see increased zip and drive on deep digs, outs and vertical routes. Deep ball accuracy Not only did Fales have a tendency to float deep balls, but his accuracy also waned.
Source: Durkin: Rookie Spotlight – David Fales « CBS Chicago

Al-Aqsa Hospital Hit As Strikes on Gaza’s Medical Facilities Continue | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Human rights groups have also intensified their calls for greater protections. Todays attack on the Aqsa hospital is the latest in a series of attacks on and near medical facilities in Gaza, which have been struggling to cope with thousands of injured people since the Israeli offensive began on 8 July, Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International said in a statement. There can be no justification for targeting medical facilities at any time. Attacks on medical facilities underline the need for a prompt, impartial international investigation mandated by the UN. It is unclear whether the hospital will be able to function in the days to come, and there have been serious attempts to evacuate all patients and staff to other locations so that they can receive appropriate care. “Its not possible for doctors to do surgical operations or procedures while Israeli tank shells are continuously dropping from overhead, says Khattab. Last week, Israeli air strikes hit al-Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital, despite international peace activists announcing that they would be acting as human shields at the building. Following the strike, doctors were forced to evacuate 18 people to another hospital, although only minor injuries were reported.
For the original version, visit http://www.commondreams.org/news/2014/07/22/al-aqsa-hospital-hit-strikes-gazas-medical-facilities-continue


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