Nfl 101: Breaking Down The Basics Of Man Pressure | Bleacher Report

Rich Schultz/Getty Images As with any man-coverage defense, technique, alignment, leverage and knowing where your help is (free safety/sideline) are major keys to winning when the ball comes out hot (sight adjust) or when the pressure fails to get home. Using some examples from the All-22 tape, lets start talking about man pressure at the NFL level while hitting on the key terminology (green dog, peel, flat-foot read, etc.) associated with these blitz schemes to ensure coverage discipline at the second level and in the secondary. Cover 1 Pressure vs. “Zero” Pressure (Leverage/Help) When you are watching games during the season (or studying tape) be aware of the leverage in the secondary when teams are sending man pressurebecause that tells the story. As we talked about in the offseason when looking at base Cover 1 (man free), the defensive backs will align with an outside shade (outside eye of the receiver) and funnel (or force) the route to their help in the middle of the field (free safety). That doesnt change in a Cover 1 pressure scheme (press or off-man) with the free safety (or strong safety based on the pre-snap look) rolling to the middle of the field.
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Egypt: Deaths in police custody, once a spark for revolt, now met by shrugs –

Up to 400 people are also being held insidean army basein the city of Ismailia. Dangerous overcrowding Over a dozen formerprisoners speaking to The Christian Science Monitor described the impact that squalidprisonconditions and poor ventilation had on inmates health. Karim Taha, a young revolutionary activist, was held in four detention facilities during his six-month incarceration. He recalls dangerous levels of overcrowding in every cell. When we entered, we would quickly realize that they had no room for us anymore. We had to sleep in shifts and hang all our belongings on the wall, Mr. Taha says. Inside one of Tahas cells in a Cairo central security forces camp, he counted 74 people.
Source: Egypt: Deaths in police custody, once a spark for revolt, now met by shrugs –

Fighter Down | News | The Journal

“We haven’t quantified it, but it’s just a big, black glob of expensive,” Melba Watts says, explaining that Steve will need a van to transport him and his wheelchair, regular therapy appointments and probably other equipment and home modifications to allow him to live independently. Both Watts and his mother spoke glowingly of a fundraiser Raskin, Jennifer Keenan, Matthew Beck and others held in Arcata a couple months ago. Raskin said the group plans to hold several more, with the next tentatively scheduled for November. Watts’ family has also set up a fund on , which has raised $23,592 so far to help with his recovery. Of the 157 donations received to date on the site, none came from Arnott or Cher-Ae Heights Casino. Watts says neither have contributed to his recovery in any way. Watts said he’s been humbled by the flood of well wishes, prayers and thoughts that have come his way from friends and acquaintances through social media in the wake of his injury.
More: Fighter Down | News | The Journal


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