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It convinced the Israeli public that the decision taken by Netanyahu came from a sense of ‘we have no other choice.'” Despite the absence of panic Monday, it is clear that if soldiers continue to be killed at this rate, the flexibility enjoyed by Netanyahu to date will likely be replaced by a growing sense of urgency to stop the casualties. Many Israeli leftists will demand an end to the operation. Hard-liners will demand more radical action, up to and including a takeover of Gaza. That will add to the already mounting pressure from an outside world horrified by the carnage on the Palestinian side. The prime minister is probably mindful that the popularity tipping point for his predecessor, Ehud Olmert, came when the public concluded too many soldiers were being killed and that the military was not fully prepared during the 2006 war. Some in the government and on the street are already calling for a total invasion aimed at ousting Hamas, even if this leaves Israel again occupying a hostile and impoverished population of 1.8 million, as it did for nearly four uncomfortable decades until its pullout from Gaza in 2005.
More: Israeli mood turns dark with mounting casualties |

Israeli mood turns dark with mounting casualties |

Chris Christie, over support for his underdog campaign, which Christie called a lost cause. Peter Hamby Evan Dawson (@evandawson) Astorino on whether he suspects a deal between Christie and Cuomo: “The politicians won’t elect me. The people will.” THE BUZZ:INTERN: I AM A FUTURE POTUS In Washington, confidence is key. For Dylan Ross, self-proclaimed future president, so is a plan. On his website , Ross says he would like to attend law school, become a partner, and then use his salary to set up a campaign fund. He writes, After serving a couple terms in the Senate, I would like to run for and be elected to the Office of President of the United States. Around the year 2036. MARKET WATCH:Mixed day for stocks as S&P 500 ends at a record close and Dow and NASDAQ edge lower TRAIL TRIVIA What accident prompted the passage of the 1958 law creating the FAA? the LEDE Leading Politico: Obama locks out the press again Despite constant complaints from the press corps and promises from White House officials, access to the president continues to be limited. The constantly repeated line that theyre running the most transparent administration in history tends to prompt snickers.
Source: CNN’s GUT CHECK for July 24, 2014 – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs

Assailants attack Congo military camp in capital – Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports

Spokesman Lambert Mende told The Associated Press on Tuesday afternoon that the situation was in control after reports of heavy gunfire near the Tshatshi military camp in Kinshasa. Mende did not immediately have a toll for anyone killed or wounded in the attack. The military camp is located close to the residence of President Joseph Kabila and the sound of gunfire for about 20 minutes in the area provoked widespread panic. Tensions have been particularly high in Congo’s capital since December when assailants attacked not only the Tshatshi camp but also the airport and the headquarters of national television. Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. All content Copyright 2000 – 2014 WorldNow and Quincy Herald-Whig.
Read More: Assailants attack Congo military camp in capital – Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports


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