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The injury also pushes a shadowy fight promoter back to center stage. Growing up in Long Valley, New Jersey, the younger of two kids, Watts loved sports. At the age of 6, his parents signed him up to play Pee Wee Football, and he took to it with the intensity that would come to define him later in life. “He was the youngest, smallest guy on the team,” says his mother, Melba Watts. “He would get very upset if there was any reason to miss practice. He just insisted that he never missed a practice, which meant we had like one month a year where we could go anywhere as a family.” As Watts grew older, he got into other sports as well: soccer, track and, starting in middle school, wrestling, which soon became an all-consuming passion. To hear Watts tell it, there was something different about wrestling.
Source: Fighter Down | News | The Journal

‘The Leftovers’ season 1, episode 5 recap: Doubt is fire

However, Kevin and Mayor Lucy are on the same page about the feds becoming involved in the case. Lucy agrees to let the town council decide whether a town wide curfew is the best choice for the town as long as his family does not play a role in the decision making. As much as Kevin speaks of separating the two, he stakes out the GR residence that night. Laurie and Patti take a night off at a motel where Laurie gets her own room to rest up and regain some much needed sleep. Patti meets her in the morning, both in civilian clothing and Patti verbally greets her. It has been 8 months since Laurie spoke, and Patti suggests she is overdue for a day off. Its not us, its them: Kevin calls in Reverend Matt as a possible suspect since he was at the receiving end of a rock aimed at the GR. At the end of their meeting, Matt asks to see the body of Gladys, a face that became familiar as she stared right through him.
Source: ‘The Leftovers’ season 1, episode 5 recap: Doubt is fire


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