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“At that moment, [Hebenstriet] rolled away and I flopped. The last sensation I had was my hands flopping loosely behind my neck and feeling the broken bone sticking out. At that point, I couldn’t feel anything from the neck down.” As Watts lay motionless on the mat, Hebenstriet, not realizing the extent of Watts’ injury, regrouped and punched Watts in the face, according to a report in the Humboldt State University Lumberjack newspaper. At that point, the referee realized something was terribly wrong and stopped the fight as Watts repeatedly shouted that he couldn’t move. The ringside physician stepped onto the mat. “Then it was kind of chaos,” Watts says.
Source: Fighter Down | News | The Journal

Just how safe is it to fly these days?

But a good record is still no guarantee of future safety. “As we can see, especially with these most recent Malaysia Airlines accidents, if you look at the safety record of Malaysia [the country] as well as the airline, they were in tip-top shape,” he said. “No one would have expected these accidents to happen.” It’s also worth checking travel advisories to limit the chances you’re not flying into, or through, a hazardous area, Rochelle said. (Unfortunately, you can’t always know for sure .) The Federal Aviation Administration maintains a list of areas where U.S. aircraft are prohibited from flying , as well as “potentially hostile regions.” The State Department also issues warnings and alerts for travelers . Read More Do you need travel insurance for your summer trip? Travelers who are feeling nervous may have some ability to cancel or postpone their tripshotel rooms can often be canceled up to 24 hours before scheduled check-in, and flights rescheduled for a change fee.
Source: Just how safe is it to fly these days?

NFL 101: Breaking Down the Basics of Man Pressure | Bleacher Report

In this five-man blitz scheme versus a Pro Weak I formation, safety Eric Berry walks up to press the tight end (Y). That allows the Mike to match to the running back (R) and the Jack to cover the fullback (F). All three defenders can add to the blitz front if their coverage blocks at the point of attack (tight end) or stays in on protection. Credit: NFL Game Rewind Lets start with Berry after the snap. With the Raiders sliding the protection to the closed side of the formation, the tight end blocks out on the blitzing Sam backer. This allows Berry to use the green dog technique and add to the blitz front. Inside, the Mike backer reads the counter-play action and adds to the blitz front with running back Darren McFadden working to the closed side in protection.
More: NFL 101: Breaking Down the Basics of Man Pressure | Bleacher Report


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