Under Pressure: What Is A Panic Attack?

It will keep your mind clear and you will experience fewer symptoms. All the love and support from your near and dear ones can be very helpful. Feel Relaxed What is that one thing which relaxes you? Is it gardening, reading a book, playing a musical instrument, listening to music? Whatever it may be, you should pursue it, and try and get relaxed. For example, you could take a warm bath and while taking the bath listen to some slow music. Or whatever it is, anything that works to keep you relaxed is a great option for you. Do it as and when you feel that you are getting an anxiety attack.
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How to Survive a Panic Attack | Maria Senise

Patients living with cancer find that they feel more or less anxiety at different times. A patient may become more anxious as cancer spreads or treatment becomes more intense. For some patients feelings of anxiety may become… Read the Anxiety Disorders article > > Panic attacks are truly terrifying and can happen without warning or reason, causing sudden fear and extreme nervousness for 10 minutes or more. Physical symptoms intensify the attack: sweating, racing heart, rapid pulse, feeling faint or as if one is choking, and-perhaps worst of all-the sense of “going crazy.” These attacks are a symptom of panic disorder , a type of anxiety disorder that affects some 2.4 million U.S. adults. The disorder most often begins during the late teens and early adulthood and strikes twice as many American women as men.
Read More: Under Pressure: What Is a Panic Attack?

There’s another company I like to use for my essential oils called doTERRA, which can be found at http://do-essential-oils.com/. They are quite expensive, but their essential oil blends are so amazingly relaxing. I use their PastTense Tension Blend and ClaryCalm, and they help tremendously in taking the edge off. 5. Water is another natural substance we can use in helping calm the rush of nerves. Drinking cool water, splashing water on your face, or making a wet, cold compress to lay on the back of your neck or forehead can soothe the mind and body. 6. You wouldn’t think movement would help when your heart rate is already elevated, but in many cases, taking a walk can calm the anxiety and clear your mind.
Source: How to Survive a Panic Attack | Maria Senise


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