Do You Have Generalized Anxiety Disorder? | A Healthier Michigan

Like, Im in therapy, Im an self-reflective person, I know I shouldnt be hyperventilating over XYZ problem. Alas, my anxiety doesnt respond to logic it responds to feelings. So, in the throes of a panic attack, try not to address their problems. Instead, focus on making this person feel safe and staying calm. (By all means, address their problems later, though.) 3. A panic attack might be tipped off to something specific, but it usually has been built up over time.
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8 Things To Understand About Panic Attacks & How To Deal With Them

For example, you could take a warm bath and while taking the bath listen to some slow music. Or whatever it is, anything that works to keep you relaxed is a great option for you. Do it as and when you feel that you are getting an anxiety attack. Try to feel relaxed and composed. Know the Facts Most often your anxiety is due to thoughts and ideas that are not exactly real, and this is why you need to ask yourself questions. You have to seek the facts, and work your mind in believing and understanding them. You are not experiencing any uncanny feeling out of the blue, that is not happening, and you have to understand this.
Source: How to end an anxiety attack


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