Opinion: Ex-cnn Reporter: My Struggle With Panic Attacks – Cnn.com

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More: Panic Attacks – Overnights – (ABC)

Critters Corner: Puggle has panic attacks – Antoniotti – Ohio

Is your dog responsive to touching and being talked to? If he knows some cued behaviors/commands, can he respond to them at the start of these events or at any time during them? The answers to these questions and many more are things that your veterinarian will want to know. The easiest way to answer them is to keep a log of episodes. It helps to gather data for an intervention by a professional and for a veterinarian to use to as an aide in establishing a diagnosis. I think it is interesting that Tums helps stop an event in its tracks. However, have you ever given something else at the start of an event even something benign, such as a treat? Did it alter the course of the episode?
More: Critters Corner: Puggle has panic attacks – Antoniotti – Ohio


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