Bears-lions Fantasy Starters: Matt Forte, Matthew Stafford, And Calvin Johnson « Cbs Boston

Now they step up in class against the Lions, who are coming off consecutive losses to the Cardinals and the Pats. Look for Detroit to take its frustrations out on the Bears, and fantasy points should be available for the taking. Bears players QB Jay Cutler While Cutler is often the object of derision among Bears fans because of his tendency to turn the ball over accompanied by his I dont care attitude, hes been a decent fantasy with 2875 yards and 22 touchdowns. However, the Lions have the nastiness and relentlessness on the defensive line to pound Cutler unmercifully. BENCH HIM RB Matt Forte He is the Bears most consistent and best player, and the attack is going to center on him. In addition to getting 20 carries in this game, he should be able to catch at least seven passes. Forte will have at least 100 yards (combined), and he will find his way into the endzone at least once. No team has allowed more running back receptions than the Lions.
More: Bears-Lions Fantasy Starters: Matt Forte, Matthew Stafford, And Calvin Johnson « CBS Boston

Sudden realizations like that can lead to some incredibly satisfying victories, but in the meantime, mistakes are costly. Not only does correcting them eat into your limited supply of moves per turn, but errors tend to get your troops shot down and if an enemy reaches them before you can, they’ll die for good. All this risk adds up to some incredibly satisfying victories, but it also leads to a lot of frustration in the meantime particularly if you realize, halfway through a long and grueling battle, that you’ve been pursuing a wrongheaded strategy the whole time, or left yourself totally unprepared for a second-stage surprise attack. There’s also no auto-saving or checkpoints, although you can save manually at any time, which lets you create little safety nets before risky moves. On the other hand, if you don’t remember to save frequently, failure could fling you right back to the mission’s start. Valkyria is not for rage-quitters.
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