Wrestling Keeps ‘identity Of The Nuba’ Alive In Sudanese Refugee Camps

Plus a recipe that was DELICIOUS. Headwaters Some days, all that’s left is to take myself aside, find a quiet place, “Dear, you are in pain. You like to control things, and you know how silly that is. Lie down, light a candle, laugh at yourself, quit trying to fix, arrange, plan, sort.” Then, like headwaters in the middle of luscious nowhere, the ancient power will appear cold, clear, unstoppable, unexplainable. Cumin Roasted Delicata Squash and Carrots with Pomegranate Molasses Dressing One of the things that makes the holidays SACRED for me (instead of commercial, rushed, or guilt-ridden) is my connection to church, to my faith community. When I enter that space with those people, something in me slows down and remembers where I came from. We had a Thanksgiving potluck after church on Sunday. I didn’t remember until I woke up, so I scrounged up and found some forgotten squash in my pantry bin. Yay for the pantry!
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Each Nuba tribe shows support for their wrestlers by cheering, shouting, and waving homemade banners. Photograph by James Sprankle Darfur II? That life came under attack three years ago, when a disputed election in South Kordofan (the Sudanese border state where the Nuba Mountains are located) catalyzed a rebellion against the Sudanese governmentand a scorched-earth response from Khartoum. (See ” Q&A: Doctor Describes How Sudanese Bombers Terrorized Hospital .”) The violence had been a long time coming. Nubans fought alongside the south for much of the Second Sudanese Civil War , from 1983 until 2005, but were left north of the border when the southerners finally voted for independence in January 2011. ( See photos of southern Sudan.
Source: Wrestling Keeps ‘Identity of the Nuba’ Alive in Sudanese Refugee Camps


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