Biogen Will Push Alzheimer’s Drug To Phase 3 – Yahoo Finance

But she had several angels of mercy who went above the call of duty to help her keep her sanity when she was sure shed be buried alive, including one compassionate state trooper. Start got stranded on the 400 after leaving her bartending shift at 2:45 a.m. in downtown Buffalo. With no Thruway signs warning her to keep off, she said, she kept on driving until getting stuck on Route 400 around 3:15 a.m. past the Seneca Street exit. After repeatedly calling West Seneca Police, who told her to sit tight, she called friends who advised her to keep her tailpipe clear and window cracked to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
More: State trooper becomes phone counselor to stranded West Seneca resident – City & Region – The Buffalo News

The disease, which is progressive, causes symptoms including memory loss, confusion, and behavior changes. There is no approved cure for Alzheimer’s. Biogen, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts , gained 6.4 percent to $328.27 at the close in New York, the biggest one-day rise since July. Cognition Improvement Biogen’s drug improved cognition in patients with early signs of the disease 54 weeks after starting treatment, Williams said. The results were pulled from an interim analysis of about 200 patients in the Phase 1 trial, according to the company. Biogen will present full results of the trial at a medical meeting next year, which the company hasn’t named, Williams said. More from Oil Investors at Brink of Losing Trillions of Dollars in Assets.
More: Biogen Will Push Alzheimer’s Drug to Phase 3 – Yahoo Finance


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