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That [advice] helped me so much, it was incredible. The best way is to face it. Say Come on! Im not afraid of you! Because you know youre not going to die. India, OMG Ill be seeing you later this week! Last tickets here : David Guetta (@davidguetta) December 17, 2014 Back in November, Guetta discussed with Billboard the stresses of taking on a new album. Its super challenging to reinvent myself every time its a lot of pressure.
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Pakistan massacre survivors vow to defy Taliban – Yahoo News

His body disappears.” The effects of flow are similar to those of meditation, says occupational therapist Victoria Schindler. Science has shown meditation can , among other things, reduce stress and fight inflammation. Our bodies are in a constant state of stress because our brain can’t tell the difference between an upcoming meeting with the boss and an upcoming bear attack, Schindler says. The repetitive motions of knitting, for example, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which quiets that “fight or flight” response. In a 2007 paper ” The neurological basis of occupation ,” Schindler and co-author Sharon Gutman argue that patients could learn to use activities such as drawing or painting to elicit flow, which would offer a nonpharmaceutical way to regulate strong emotions such as anger or prevent irrational thoughts. “Flow could potentially help patients to dampen internal chaos,” they write. A natural anti-depressant The reward center in your brain releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine when you do something pleasurable.
More: This is your brain on crafting –

“I want to be an army officer because I have to take revenge of my friends and school fellows,” he said. Eighteen-year-old Abu Bakar agreed. “Since my childhood I have wanted to join the army but now I am absolutely determined to join up,” he said. A Pakistani woman holds a placard for the victims of an attack by Taliban gunmen on children in Pesh “I want to take revenge for my friends, I want to fight the terrorists.” – Bomb fears – More than 400 schools in Islamabad were warned of a possible plot to bomb buses carrying students in the capital, Mohammad Tahir Bhatti, spokesman for the Federal Directorate of Education told AFP. “We received information from various sources that terrorists were planning to attack buses by attaching magnetic bombs and have alerted the managements of institutions accordingly,” Bhatti said. Officials of the directorate were also holding meetings to review security arrangements and schools and colleges and also visiting schools and colleges to monitor them, Bhatti said. View gallery A Pakistani mother comforts her injured son a day after Taliban gunmen attacked a school in Peshawar One 11-year-old primary school student said teachers had drilled them in emergency exits and routes to safe locations in case of any danger.
Source: Pakistan massacre survivors vow to defy Taliban – Yahoo News


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