Panic Grips French Muslim Community As Mosque Attacked – Europe – Stripes

“I’m scared of people drawing simplistic conclusions.” In Le Man, western France, a shot was fired at the local mosque and four non-lethal hand grenades, typically used in military exercises, were thrown into its courtyard, Herve Brevard, deputy prosecutor of the city’s court, said by phone. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack and an investigation is under way, he said. One mosque was fired on in southern France, reported while another in Poitiers was daubed with graffiti saying “death to the Arabs,” Ouest France said. A sandwich outlet close to the mosque in Villefranche-sur-Saone, near Lyon, was hit by an explosion, according to Agence France Press. “It seems to be linked to the dramatic situation” in Paris, the mayor told AFP. France is on maximum terrorist alert as police hunt two men suspected of carrying out Wednesday’s attack, in which assailants opened fire in Charlie Hebdo’s newsroom with automatic weapons. Separately, a policewoman was shot dead in a town to the south of Paris Thursday.
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Paris attack: The new terror –

and allied intelligence services and who is not on American no-fly lists like the Kouachi brothers — could get into the United States. “That’s what multiplies our problem,” Republican Rep Ed Royce told CNN on Thursday. “Them returning to Europe is a direct threat to them eventually, potentially coming here.” The paramilitary-style assault on the satirical French publication Charlie Hebdo killed 12 people also underscored a shift away from spectacular, large-scale attacks waged by foreign terror groups like the strike on Sept. 11, 2001. Instead, homegrown radicals inspired by or affiliated with jihadist organizations are launching more limited strikes that still achieve the core aim of terrorism: death, widespread fear and panic. The shift makes the task of preventing further terrorist attacks even more daunting for Western leaders.
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