In Brussels, Jewish Security Professionals Train For The Next Attack | World | Jewish Journal

One drill dealt with handlingcallerswhogloat, threaten or give false reports directly after an attack. Another aimed to prepare responders to deal sensitively with distraught relatives, even though urgent demands for information sometimes obstruct efforts to obtain that same information. Sadly, none of the people here need to use their imagination, said Arie Zuckerman, who has overseen the SACC project since its inception. This is a compilation of variations on situations that occurred in recent years in communities across Europe. Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress, initiated the SACC project in 2012 in response to the attack on theOtzar Hatorah school in Toulouse, after which some claimed thegrief-stricken community was caught unprepared. The school had security cameras but no one monitoringthe video feed. The school had no guard in place when thekiller, Mohammed Merah, began shooting.
More: In Brussels, Jewish security professionals train for the next attack | World |

Jewish Journal

French terror attack deepens fears among Europe’s Jews – CBS News

“When we are outside, I tell my kids to only speak English. I’m too afraid that somebody will recognize that we are Jewish or Israeli and then harm us,” said the woman, who did not want to give her name out of fear. Security at Rome’s soaring Art Deco synagogue along the Tiber River was noticeably heightened during Friday evening prayers. In the predominantly Jewish north London neighborhoods of Golders Green and Temple Fortune, police vans drove by frequently Sunday, while members of the Community Security Trust – a charity established to combat threats to the Jewish community – patrolled on foot. The Shomrim volunteer organization added extra patrol cars – which resemble police vehicles – in London neighborhoods after the Paris attacks and urged the Jewish community to remain calm, but be vigilant about possible copycat attacks. Rivki Rokach, a manager at Kosher Kingdom supermarket, said management was putting into place new security measures, declining to specify. She said business had not dropped off since the attacks.
More: French terror attack deepens fears among Europe’s Jews – CBS News

Kosher market attack deepens fears among European Jews – Yahoo News

In recent years, France has had the highest number of incidents of any single country. For many of Europe’s 2 million Jews, the mood following the Paris attacks was one of tense vigilance amid increased security and additional personal precautions. Some were defiant and determined to remain. Others wondered whether their way of life can continue. Heightened security measures, visible and non-visible, were swiftly enacted at Jewish places of worship, study and business across Europe over the weekend. Security officials and Jewish leaders in Italy, Britain, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria confirmed increased surveillance of vulnerable sites without providing details. Still, many Jews are taking their own precautions: An Israeli mother of three, who has been living in Berlin for several years, said she no longer allows her children to talk in Hebrew outside the home. “When we are outside, I tell my kids to only speak English.
More: Kosher market attack deepens fears among European Jews – Yahoo News


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