Trial Of Final Tokyo Gas Attack Fugitive Begins – Yahoo News

Katsuya Takahashi, a 56-year-old former member of the Aum Supreme Truth cult, denied being involved in unleashing sarin nerve gas on the underground rail system, in an attack that sparked rush hour chaos in the Japanese capital. “I did not know the thing released was sarin,” Takahashi, who has been charged with murder and other crimes, told Tokyo District Court. “I didn’t intend to kill people,” he said, speaking in a quiet voice while dressed in a dark suit with a blue tie. Police captured Takahashi in June 2012, bringing to an end the hunt for those thought to be behind the coordinated release of the Nazi-developed gas, an incident that sowed panic throughout the heaving metropolis. He is also accused of conspiring with other members to send an explosive to then-Tokyo governor Yukio Aoshima in 1995, an incident that injured a Tokyo government official. View gallery Subway passengers wait to receive medical attention after inhaling Sarin nerve gas in Tokyo’s su Takahashi, who was on the run for more than 17 years, was a one-time guard for Aum leader Shoko Asahara, and allegedly served as a driver when cult members released the gas.
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Belgium arrests 15 over foiled plot to ‘kill police’ – Yahoo News

With security tightened across Europe, and other arrests in France and also in Germany on Friday, a man with a military weapon took hostages at post office near Paris. The incident, which ended with his surrender, unfolded after Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in the city to offer U.S. solidarity in combating militants. In Belgium, Prime Minister Charles Michel urged people not to panic, saying authorities believed their actions had thwarted any imminent attack. Home to half a million Muslims, or five percent of the population, Belgium believes some 300 citizens have fought in Syria – the highest rate per head in Europe. Security was tight at public buildings in the capital and at police stations.
More: Belgium arrests 15 over foiled plot to ‘kill police’ – Yahoo News

‘Like Christmas’: Rush to cash in on soaring Swiss franc – Yahoo News

Other frontaliers were also celebrating Thursday, but said they would not immediately buy large amounts of euros. – Panic buying? – “For those of us living in France and working in Switzerland, this is great!” said Doina Bancila, a 40-year-old bank employee. “But I don’t want to buy euros in a panic. I’ll wait for next week or the week after to see how the situation evolves,” she told AFP. View gallery Currency rates are displayed at an exchange office in Geneva on January 15, 2015 (AFP Photo/Fabrice Gaelle Voisin, another resident of France, meanwhile said she had only learned about the bonanza she had in store when she turned up at the exchange office. “I was really surprised to see all of these people here,” said the 40-year-old radio presenter, adding she at first thought the crowd was waiting to buy the latest copy of Charlie Hebdo, in tribute to the 12 people killed in last week’s attack on the satirical weekly’s Paris office.
Source: ‘Like Christmas’: Rush to cash in on soaring Swiss franc – Yahoo News


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